A simple scheduler in Python

27 ژوئیه

Here’s a simple scheduler simulator in Python that you can download from here.
You give it a list of processes and scheduling algorithm you want to be used for scheduling and as result you get a simple output like this which shows you the sequence of the processes running in intervals :

System starts up
002.000: Algorithm SPN is in use
004.000: Process 001 Created
004.000: Process 001 -> readyQ
004.000: Process 001 -> CPU
006.100: Algorithm MLFQ is in use
007.300: Process 002 -> swaped out

This program is interesting in several aspects :
Firstly it helps you to grasp ideas behind scheduling algorithms in OS,
Secondly it take advantages of threading to simulate IO operations,
Also it reads it’s input from an XML file, worth to take a look,
And finally it’s in Python …

Unfortunately because of lack of enough time for this project, it’s not as beautiful as I liked, but as a proverb says, «Something is (most of the times) better than nothing» 🙂

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