08 اوت

There’s nothing out there that can be considered as a worthy replacement for bash. The power it gives you is so enormous that it takes year for someone to become a real proficient.
I’m not an expert in terminal at all, but still I enjoy it in some levels. These are some of the commands combinations that found much more interesting during past days, worth to give a glance :
How to select and sort mp3 musics ( or any other regular expression you desire ) in a messy directory and pipe them into totem player :

find -iname '*.mp3' | sort -n | xargs -d '\n' totem &

How to search in specific column of a file ( like output of objdump -t ) and select qualified line :

awk {if ($4==".data" || ($3=="F" && $4==".text") ) {print $0} } [filename]

This one can be very helpful. You hvae visited a web page saw some videos on it. now you want to watch them again. go to .mozila or .cache ( for chromium ) directoy and then enter :

find -size +5M -exec cp {} ~/Videos \;

( For more options, like creation date filters, visit find man page )

How to pipe the output of command into vim :

... | vim -

Create a boot-able flash disk from a iso installation file ( Notice : use sudo fdisk -l to make sure you copy your iso file into correct destination )

sudo dd if=~/Desktop/ubuntu12.04.iso of=[/dev/sdb] oflag=direct bs=1048576

Alright ! that’s enough for today. maybe we continue this later 🙂

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نوشته شده توسط در اوت 8, 2012 در Linux


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